CBC: 1,000 homes still without power after windstorm rocks city

26 November 2014 | 00:16
FOCUS News Agency


Ottawa. While power had been restored to most homes affected by the widespread outages reported Monday night, Toronto Hydro said it could take until the afternoon before all homes have electricity back. There are currently about 1,000 homes without power, Toronto Hydro said. At the p...


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Prof. Ivan Ilchev: Sofia University Patron’s Day will be celebrated with an academic reception

Prof. Ivan Ilchev: Sofia University Patron’s Day will be celebrated with an academic reception

25 November 2014 | 14:55 | Focus News Agency Prof. Ivan Ilchev, the rector of Sofia University in an interview with FOCUS News Agency on the university’s patron day

FOCUS: Prof. Ilchev, how will Sofia University Patron’s Day be celebrated?
Ivan Ilchev: As usual – with an academic reception, and with an official speech of Prof. Denkov, the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy. Perhaps there will be ...
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Tunisia votes in landmark presidential election.
Source: AFP. Tunisia votes in landmark presidential election.
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