The Scotsman: Theresa May calls Cabinet to discuss plans for Brexit

29 August 2016 | 04:44
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European Union

London. Theresa May will gather her Cabinet ministers on Wednesday to discuss her plans for Brexit, The Scotsman reported. The Prime Minister has charged her top team with setting out opportunities leaving the European Union will create in each of their portfolios. The Cabinet ...


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Jason Brennan: Can epistocracy, or knowledge-based voting, fix democracy?

Jason Brennan: Can epistocracy, or knowledge-based voting, fix democracy?

28 August 2016 | 17:50 | Los Angeles Times For 60 years, political scientists have studied what voters actually know. The results are depressing. Hundreds of different surveys, such as the American National Election Studies, find that the median voter is ignorant or misinformed not only about the social sciences needed to evaluate candidates’ policy proposals, but even of basic facts and trends, such as what the unemployment rate is and wh...
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