Seven additional bodies found on Japan volcano: NHK

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1 October 2014 | 05:19
FOCUS News Agency


Tokyo. Seven more bodies have been found by rescuers combing the peak of a volcano that erupted at the weekend, Japanese state broadcaster NHK reported Wednesday, AFP reports.


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Prof. Dr. Grigor Gorchev: Bulgaria was a leader in the field of robotic surgery, but now is lagging behind

Prof. Dr. Grigor Gorchev: Bulgaria was a leader in the field of robotic surgery, but now is lagging behind

30 September 2014 | 17:15 | Radio FOCUS Prof. Dr. Grigor Gorchev, Honorary Rector of the Medical University in Pleven, in an interview for Radio FOCUS’s morning broadcast Good Morning, Bulgaria.

Host: Professor Gorchev, we are close to the start of the 3rd Congress of SEERSS (South Eastern European Robotic Surgery Society), which will be held in Bulgaria. What will be the highlights of the congress...
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Eruption of Mount Ontake volcano in Japan.
Source: AFP. Eruption of Mount Ontake volcano in Japan.
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