AFP: US, European allies say up to Russia to save Syria truce

25 September 2016 | 04:56
FOCUS News Agency


Washington. The United States, EU and foreign ministers from a number of Washington's European allies said in a joint statement Saturday that it was up to Russia to bring about a truce in Syria, reported AFP.


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Irina Bokova: My advantage is multiculturalism

Irina Bokova: My advantage is multiculturalism

24 September 2016 | 14:49 | EurActiv In a wide-ranging interview with EurActiv’s Editor-in-Chief, Daniela Vincenti, Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO and candidate for the post of UN Secretary-General, spoke of her experience and goals, as well as discussed her strengths.

Irina Bokova is a career diplomat from Bulgaria. She served as her country’s deputy minister of foreign affairs, where she was responsible for Eur...
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Homage ceremony...

Delegation from Bulgaria paid respect to the memory of the Bulgarian heroes, who died in the Battle of Kaymakchalan, so as Bulgaria to exist today.
Source: FOCUS News Agency. Delegation from Bulgaria paid respect to the memory of the Bulgarian heroes, who...
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