Weather in Bulgaria: Temperatures on up to 15°C on Saturday

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31 January 2015 | 08:12
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Sofia. On Saturday, cloudiness in Bulgaria will start breaking from the west. It will rain in the eastern half of the country but the precipitation will stop by the afternoon for a while only to resume from south-southwest later. There will be strong to hurricane wind, the


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Meglena Kuneva: I hope Bulgaria takes its heavy burden off of its shoulders

Meglena Kuneva: I hope Bulgaria takes its heavy burden off of its shoulders

30 January 2015 | 17:48 | Radio FOCUS Meglena Kuneva, Bulgarian Deputy PM for European Policies Coordination and Institutional Affairs, in an interview with Radio Focus’s broadcast This is Bulgaria.

Host: Judge Lozan Panov is the new Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC), as the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) elected him after more than eight hours of discussions and debates. ...
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